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We have to thank India for lots of the delicious things we eat and drink every day. The relationship between India and the Arabian Peninsula is centuries old – built on strong cultural ties and the exchange of valuable goods such as pearls, gold and spices.

The Al-Mejhem brothers from Kuwait were inspired to start Karak Gholam by Mr. Gholam (also known as the “Tea Boy”), who hails from India and served the brothers delicious tea at their office every day. They decided to share their passion for Indian street food and tea, i.e. karak (called “kadak chai” or “masala chai” in Hindi) with other foodies in Kuwait.


And so, Karak Gholam was born in 2013 at the heart of Kuwait City. You’ll feel right at home in our cozy and comfortable setting, enjoying flavorful Indian street food and drinks with an international twist.

Karak (n): Arabic word for milk tea cooked with fresh Indian spices. At Karak Gholam we brew fresh karak every 45 minutes.

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